MenacE is a Queens-based reggae-rap artist whose self-titled new EP showcases his signature rapid-fire flow, while highlighting his evolution into a writer of larger, more dynamic, multi-layered songs with harmonies, beautiful melodies, and acoustic guitar.

Standout tracks on MenacE's six-song EP include the thunderous "BOOM!" and the energetic "Back For More," which combines whimsical rap lyrics with melodic rock-and-roll bridges. Meanwhile, "Beautiful Day" (an homage to Shootyz Groove's "Buddahful Day") displays all the varied pieces of MenacE's musical influences: reggae, rap, ska, pop, and rock. With its epic chorus and lyrical love of Mother Nature ("she's a vice you can trust," sings MenacE), "Beautiful Day" is destined to take its place alongside the most beloved stoner anthems of all time.
Raised in Queens, NY, MenacE got his start in the music business working as a roadie for Shootyz Groove, which toured with acts such as 311, Fishbone, Matisyahu, Kottonmouth Kings, and The Mighty Mighty Bosstones. Later, MenacE would perform on stage alongside some of these same musicians.
Over the years, MenacE has opened for legendary ska, rap, and hip-hop artists such as Ice-T, The Toasters, Insane Clown Posse, Slick Rick, Tech N9ne, Asher Roth, The Slackers, Mickey Avalon, D12 and Shootyz Groove.  In fact, MenacE's first show was opening for the Kansas City rap act Tech N9ne, and the Bronx-based rap rock band Shootyz Groove produced his first demo album.
In 2012, MenacE released Too Hip for the Room, his first full-length LP. Too Hip features a guest appearance by the famous New York prank call/comedy act The Jerky Boys. And according to critics, the record "seamlessly flows through genres and subject matter without ever losing direction."
In 2013, the video for "Blood of the Wicked," one of the tracks on Too Hip, was chosen by Snoop Dogg to appear on his top 10 countdown video show "Underground Heat." MenacE's "Blood of The Wicked" debuted at No. 9, spent nearly two months on the chart, and eventually rose all the way to No. 1.
In 2014, MenacE released a self titled EP.  The lead single "Beautiful Day" was promoted by High Times Magazine saying "MenacE's Beautiful Day keeps us going on a Monday".  
In 2015 MenacE is gearing up for another full length LP release.  Vivian McPeak (director of Seattle Hempfest for 26 years) invited MenacE to perform on the Main Stage at this summer's "Seattle Hempfest" (the biggest pro-marijuana event in the world) saying "Out of 700+ submissions we've received for Hempfest, this is the best I've heard all year".