Who is MenacE?  Combining reggae beats, rap lyrics, melodic hooks, comedy and sarcasm with pop, rock and many other elements, NYC's favorite stoner has played across the U.S. as well as Canada with acts like Ice-T, Tech N9ne, Slick Rick, D12, Asher Roth, The Slackers, Ice Cube, The Toasters, Insane Clown Posse, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Boondox and many more.  Whether performing for traditional SKA loving crowds or hardcore rap loving crowds, MenacE seems to bring positive energy and win over new fans every time he hits the stage with either just a DJ or a full live band.   Some say he sounds like a mix of Sublime with a hint of ICP or Tech N9ne. Others say MenacE is the Slightly Stoopid version of Eminem.  Drawing from these influences and a lot more, its safe to say that MenacE is in a class of his own.  MenacE got his first taste of the music biz as a roadie with Shootyz Groove on tour with 311, Matisyahu, Kottonmouth Kings, Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Fishbone.   His debut album "Too Hip For The Room" features a guest appearance from NYC comedy legends "The Jerky Boys".   He has independently released four unique and entertaining music videos in support of that album garnering over 150,000 views.  The video for the song "Blood of The Wicked" was selected to be featured on Snoop Dogg's contest/countdown show "Underground Heat", debuting at #10 and remaining on the countdown for over a month eventually getting voted to #1.   After spending 2 years playing as many shows as possible to promote his material, MenacE has finally been locked in the studio working on a new album and recently released the first single titled "Back For More" with the next single "Boom!" slated for release soon after.  MenacE is a true original, refusing to conform to the current music trends.  Which is a breath of fresh air in this wild west music environment we find ourselves in today.